World Digital Wellbeing Day


In the current times, we are truly in the era of technology, with various forms of digital media and smartphones becoming ubiquitous. However, with such increase, the perils associated have also increased. Issues viz. mobile addiction, social media anxiety and depression have made their way to the front due to the change in technology trends.

Digital Wellbeing is when we make conscious efforts to keep these technological ills in check. Just as we take steps to keep usual ailments at bay, the aim of Digital Wellbeing is to minimise or prevent negative effects caused due to increased exposure to technology. Be it due to social media, smartphone usage or gaming, Digital wellbeing is a holistic view of how we use technology and how it impacts our overall health and wellness across all age groups.

World Digital Wellbeing Day


World Digital Wellbeing Day, or #WDWD, is an occasion marked to highlight the importance of Digital Wellbeing in the modern society and to build a community for creating awareness about the issue and making a difference in the society.

World Digital Wellbeing Day is to be celebrated every year on June 8th.

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The turn of this century has brought in a sea change. With the turn of this century, we have witnessed a technological revolution. Internet has proven to the biggest disruptor and has redefined the way our society functions.

World Digital Wellbeing Day is being celebrated on June 8th to commemorate the birthday of Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web.

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Conscious discussion around what leads to happiness and what we need to do as a society to progress in that direction

Digital Wellbeing

Minimising the negative effects of mobile, social media and other technology on physical and mental health


Preventing digital usage from negatively affecting efficiency and effectiveness at workplace


Leading the Digital Wellbeing movement
Religion of Youth
Gandhi for Youth

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Join the #WDWD movement and become a part of the Digital Wellbeing community to make the world a better and healthier place

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