Exercise of the Week

Beginner Brain Exercises

Recommended Age: 5-10 years

We have curated some exercises for you to activate your left (analytical) and right (creative) parts of your brain. As you go through these exercises, remember to relax and have fun. You can also think of creative ways to modify these exercises into something personal and unique.

Exercise 1: Counting Squares (Right Brain)

The task to complete in this exercise is quite simple. Just count the number of squares in the given figure. Beware though! It is not as simple as it looks.

Here are a few problems to get you started. You can make more of such puzzles yourself! Can you find a way to solve it that works for all such problems?

Solution: 30

Solution: 15

Solution: 24

Solution: 21

Hint: Be sure to count the squares within the squares!

Exercise 2: Word Ladder (Left Brain)

Begin with the start word and change one letter at a time until you get the end word. Each change must be a proper word.

As an example, let us see WALL to FIRM in 3 steps.

Start Word: WALL

  • WALL
  • FALL
  • FILL
  • FILM
  • FIRM

End Word: FIRM

Here are a few problems to get you started

  • CATS to MICE (4 steps)
  • BULL to BEAR (4 steps)
  • PONY to COLT (5 steps)
  • FROG to TOAD (7 steps)
  • LION to LAMB (7 steps)
  • FAWN to DEER (7 steps)


The task is simple, find the piece from the options that fits the missing jigsaw slot!

Here is one to get you started.

Which piece fits in the puzzle?


Pick up a dictionary, randomly open a page and choose a word from the page.

Come up with as many words as you can from the chosen word. The longer the word, the better it is!

As an example, we use the word LISTEN: You can make the words LIST, TEN, NET, LINE and even SILENT.

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